Not a good start to my blogs……

Today has not been a good day.

Kelly, my daughter, lost her dearest friend in a car accident.

Her best friend Ella, her cat, was hit and killed by a car out the front of our house.

The amount of damage to Ella was such that you would have to wonder whether the woman was speeding.  To her credit she rang the number on the tag and told Kel who was devastated and will be for a very long time.

The thing is… we live virtually opposite a primary school… so if this woman was speeding…. well…. makes me feel sick.

Now there’s me, picking up the pieces. Kel really didnt need this… life has been tough for her recently and Ella was the friend who made everything worthwhile.

I have loaned her Maisie and Lulu (my cats) but poor substitutes….

Kel has seen too much death in her 29 years. but this one is the first one that was a primary relationship of hers.

so… a bad day… thank gooodness its coming to a close.

tomorrow is a new day.